Jacksonville Gator City Senate Annual Election 

Greetings, Senate Members. Our biennial election of Vice President and Secretary will be held at Batt Family Fun Center, 1838 Cassat Avenue, in August. 


If you wish to apply for one of these positions, please download the nomination criteria and application and follow the instructions. Please complete your application and email it to the tnbagatorcitysenate@gmail.com no later than Midnight Monday, 31 July 2024.



Election Rules

  • You must be a member of the TNBA Gator City Senate to vote.
  • Must present a current TNBA membership card.
  • One vote per Senate member is allowed.
  • You must be present to vote. You cannot submit a vote via another member or any other individual.
  • Please, for safety and security reasons, no loitering near the ballot collection area. Masks are recommended.
  • The election will be on date TBD from time TBD at Batt Family Fun Center, anyone in line to vote at time TBD will be allowed to vote.
  • The Election Committee will count the ballots, provide a credential report to the president.  The winners to be posted on the Senate Website the same day.
  • In the instance of a tie, a run-off election will be held using the same format in August (TBD). 
  • Installation of officers shall be held at Batt Family Fun Center date TBD.

Election Committee (subject to change)

  • Joann Brunswick
  • Josephine Finley

  • Rickey Burney

  • Barbara Batt
  • Dianne Abercrombie
Gator Voting Rules and Nomination Criteria
General Voting Rules and Nomination Crit
Adobe Acrobat Document 153.2 KB
Gator Senate Officers Application
Senate Officer Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 111.4 KB