Senate Tournament- Postponement


The letter below was sent to the team captains on 3/16/2020, concerning postponement of our upcoming March 2020 tournament . Please work through them to exercise either of the two options contained in the letter. Individual requests will be referred back to the team captain to ensure smooth processing for all members of the squad.


Dear Team Captain,

We would like to provide you with an update on our 9th Annual Gator City Senate Tournament.  


Citing new federal guidelines discouraging large-scale public gatherings, the mayor of Jacksonville has issued an order banning establishments from having more than 50 people inside at once until further notice. Any establishment with a certificate of occupancy of more than 50 will now be limited to 50 people at one time. Starting at 5:00pm EST yesterday. Our Mayor has also banned the sale of alcohol between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m.

Taking in consideration of the new federal, local guideline and our priorities to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who participates in the tournament. We have made the decision to postpone the tournament until June 5, 2020.  


Please read carefully the information below providing you with two options:

Option 1:  You can secure your current spot in the 9th Annual Gator City Senate Tournament June 5 – 7 ,  2020 by using the confirmation letter (based on paid entry fees) received for the March 20 – 22 ,2020 tournament date.


Option 2:  You can receive a full refund for any tournament entry fees collected by the TNBA Gator City tournament for the March 20 – 22, 2020 tournament dates. You will have the opportunity to submit your applications for the June 5 – 7, 2020 tournament. No spots are guaranteed for June 5 – 7 tournament dates using this option.

Please email or call (904) 635 – 2708 the tournament director with your decision. 


Thank you as always for your support of our tournament!


Andre Washington

TNBA Gator City Senate Tournament Director



Interested in Going to Tournaments?


 The Gator City Senate is forming a tournament committee to review, recommend coordinate applications, hotel accommodations and hospitality rooms (larger turnout tournaments); for those interested, the committee will make recommendations for travel including the most economical flights or bus transportation.


 Join the “TNBA Gator Tournament Crew”   for information on getting into the tournament crew request list contact your senate President Carolyn Lynn. Teams will be formed and a preregistration payment made to the tournament director to lock in dates and times.




·         Must be a TNBA member in good standing (verifiable)

·         Be dependable (your partner and team are depending on you!)

·         Be able to pay by the deadline given (penalties for non-payment may apply)

·         Teams will be accepted and placement requests will be considered



Contact: Carolyn Lynn at 904-534-2643