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We are proud to be members of TNBA!  That pride extends beyond just being a bowler. We have a proud history!  We have contributed to the fight for equality for our people. We have made opportunities for our children and given them something to be proud of!  Along with the positive contributions we make every year in our communities.


Our local senate was established in the 1980’s. 

Thomas Watson served as the first senate president, other presidents include:  June Dowdell, Gert Harris, Sam Brown, James Robinson, (King) Victor Pringle, Gloria Smith and Carolyn Lynn.


Current senate officers: 

  • President:  Deborah E. Caldwell
  • Vice President:  Haylan (Andre) Washington
  • Secretary:  Nichelle Meadows
  • Treasurer:  Bessie Belton
  • Sargent-at-Arms:  Ricky Burney
  • Public Relations Director: Michelle Hunter
  • Tournament Director:  Charles Johnson
  • Chaplain:  Tyrone Roy

Our senate’s official colors are kelly green with white lettering.  Our tournament colors for team are black shirts with gold senate logo with your full name on the back in gold lettering.  Khaki pants, shorts, skirt or skort.  The senate logo and lettering embroidered can be purchased @


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