TNBA Youth Membership Information

Welcome to the 2021-2022 TNBA Junior Program season.  We are hoping that everyone is doing well and remaining safe with the continued increase in COVID-19 numbers.
Attached you will find information and procedures for certifying your youth members.  Please discard prior versions of the forms as some updates have been made. The individual membership cost is still $10.  Any certified USBC youth bowler is eligible to become a TNBA youth member.  Also any youth who assists the adults with their local tournaments or Senate meetings but does not bowl is also welcome to join.  There is no fee to certify a youth league.  
We are looking forward to resuming all of the Regional Tournaments and the ITRC Training in 2022.  However, the final decision for these events will be made based on the membership count as of December 31, 2021.  We are asking that when you send your membership certification into USBC to please send in TNBA at the same time.  Not only will that assist us in the decision making process but it will also ensure that if any of your bowlers roll a high score, they will be able to receive their awards.   
The Football FundCrazy fundraiser is back this year!  For those coaches who were around three years ago, you may remember this.  For those new to the Program, here is a little history.  The $10 per bowler membership fee funds the majority of awards and events that are offered through the Junior Program.  The Youth Leadership Council, the AJR participants and those bowlers selected to attend the ITRC training have all of their expenses paid for by the Program.  This can be quite costly and, unfortunately, it's getting to the point where the expenses for these events are exceeding the income from the memberships.  In an effort to help alleviate some of this expense, without having to raise the membership fee or ask for financial assistance from the Senates or parents, we are doing this fundraiser.  One $10 ticket covers 5 weeks of the NFL schedule (we will be using the results from week 11, Nov 21st, through week 15, Dec 19th).   Information on how the fundraiser works and a sample of what the ticket looks like is attached.  This can also work as a fundraiser for your league or Senate.  For every ticket you sell (minimum of 50), you will receive a $2 rebate. So, sell 100 tickets, your rebate will be $200, sell 250 tickets, $500 rebate.  A form is also attached if you would like to request some tickets.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.
Reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns or need any additional information.
Take care and please continue to stay safe.
Veronica Green
TNBA Junior Program Director 
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Bowling Programs
If you are serious about bowling and want to continue bowling while in college, download this document for a list of HBCUs that have bowling programs.
HBCU Bowling Programs.pdf
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TNBA Jr. Program Application for League Certification
TNBA Jr Program Application for Junior L
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TNBA Jr. Program Individual Membership Cards
TNBA Jr Program Individual Membership Ap
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TNBA Jr. Program Instructions for Submitting for League Certification
Instructions for Submitting Initial Leag
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TNBA Youth Achievement Awards
TNBA Youth Achievement Award Chevrons.pd
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TNBA Jr Program 2021-2022 Membership Registration
TNBA Jr Program 2021-2022 Membership Reg
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TNBA Jr Membership Card Processing Form
TNBA Jr Program Membership Card Processi
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