The Presidents Corner

Gator City Members, Let me start off by saying thank you to all who are working with me to make this senate a great organization. This office is one of service and I consider it both an honor and privilege to serve you all! We are experiencing tremendous growth as great relationships are being cultivated; our membership continues to grow and as your president my goal is for this senate to become the most successful and well respected in the country. We continue our path towards this objective and our positive efforts are positioning us to that end. We have hosted three TNBA senate tournaments, represented our senate in three TNBA national conventions, attended the summer presidents board meeting, were featured in several Bowler Magazine articles, had our member’s achievements recorded into TNBA history, placed a brick on the TNBA walk of fame at the national headquarters and placed the senate in a very strong financial position. I brokered guaranteed slots for the 11:00am squad in the sunshine challenge for 2014 and going forward, realized an opportunity for us to purchase senate gear through APS, online (link coming); finally to introduce our new senate website that will house information on the senate, meetings, upcoming tournaments and activities, special interest stories and much more! I’m both anxious and excited to see what the future holds for our senate. We have created a momentum that has culminated in a truly magical rebirth and new beginning for Jacksonville bowlers. We must protect this fragile beginning by focusing on the positive and avoiding the negative that can naturalize or derail all our efforts. Let’s move into this next year with love, cooperation and respect for each other and let everyone know this organization isn’t about tearing down but building up of the senate and perpetuating the spirit of the TNBA as we celebrate 75 years of Fellowship, Friendship and Sportsmanship.